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The Bingo fundraising program generates community revenue through the pooling of Bingo attendance receipts for the Fort Road Bingo Hall. We have assigned Bingo dates and commitments to provide volunteers to support monthly commitments.

Bingo's and Casino's are the major fundraising sources for the Community League. Without it, we would have to increase your child's sports registration fees. As a community league we are obligated to pay many expenses that impact our hall and programs. To name a few: insurance for both facility and program participants, utilities, referees, uniforms and equipment.

We are fortunate to have Fort Road Bingo Hall. It allows us to work with them to receive this funding.

We are obligated to have a set number of volunteers to work each bingo and we require confirmation you will be there on your chosen date. Our community can be fines without the volunteers needed.

We are always looking for volunteers and or on call volunteers. If you can help please contact our president Mike G.


An update on the City's and River Valley Alliance's East End Trails Project. The north side trails, which will run from Hermitage Park east toward 17 Street, are currently under construction.

In May, the City advised Fraser Vista residents that construction near their homes would begin this August. Our contractor has completed its work near the Henday ahead of schedule and will now start work around Fraser Vista in early July. 

We thank residents and area stakeholders for their patience as we complete construction, and we are excited to share the completed trails with you this fall. 

For more information, please visit

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