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As the league that serves the community, Fraser Community League strives to provide for the recreation of our members and to promote opportunity for friendly, social, active and educational interactions. Members with the League has many benefits, including programs, sports, events and facility access.

Purchase your League Membership online at the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues

Why become a Fraser Community League member?
Funds from community memberships go directly into providing programs and services to your neighborhood. So get involved in your community and make a difference towards building a healthy and safe community.

Fraser Community League also:
* has dedicated volunteers who coordinate and coach various sports programs (indoor and outdoor soccer) 
* maintain the hall and ice rinks
* provide various "fun" activities throughout the year.
* coordinates with the City of Edmonton by sponsoring City Programs with drop-in fun for children 6-12yrs old.
* supports Fraser Playschool

BECOME A MEMBER AND ENJOY MANY GREAT OPPORTUNITIES AND SUPPORT THE COMMUNITY YOU LIVE IN.Cost of membership is $25.00 runs from Sept 1 to August 31 each year.
To purchase a membership you may contact the executive in charge of memberships or buy one from our block party in June.

- discounted prices on league events
- free access at the Clareview Recreation Centre (Saturday 6-8 pm), full access to the entire facility
- free access to Community outdoor rinks
- access to sports programs for your child(ren)

The Fraser Board Team meets @ 6:30 pm the second Wednesday of the month, at the Fraser Hall. You are welcome to attend and present any ideas or thoughts that would make Fraser more neighborly and happy for our children and families. 

Our mailing address is:

Fraser Community League 
P.O Box 50090
Edmonton, Alberta
T5Y 2M9

Address: 14720 21 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5Y 1S8